Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Soft & Cozy

What I'm wearing:
*BCBG Cashmere Slouchy Sweater (similar here and here)
*Forever 21 Tank in White (similar here)
*Black Madewell Skinny Jeans (similar here and here)
*Miu Miu Naplack Patch Flats in Rosso (similar here)
*H&M Jacket in Green (similar here)
*H&M Polka Dot Scarf (similar here)
*MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Tote in Luggage (similar here)

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day eventually! Had yummy tacos with my sister yesterday, then shared a slice of cake and a piece of pie at Two Little Red Hens with a little hot chocolate to warm us up after we got rained on. Then I made it out to Brooklyn (I'd never been before) and got to watch Kick-Ass, which I loved!!! (That Hit Girl is just so badass I love her). And I learned again yesterday that there is almost nothing in the world a couple of pints of Guinness and laughter can't fix.

Today's outfit is another kind of bumming around outfit. I just really wanted to be comfortable! This slouchy sweater is super soft and just so easy to wear. Kind of shapeless but I don't mind.

These Miu Mius are possibly one of my favorite flats ever. I coveted them for ages, and finally found them on sale!! I have the heeled version of these in the nude color, and I just think they are beautiful to look at. Love the spectator detail and the colorblock design.

This is another awesome cheap H&M buy that my sister scored! Such a fun vibrant color and I love the teenie polka dots. Adds some fun color to my outfit today. The dots didn't photograph so well in the pic above so I decided to take a closer up one.

Of course I'm a little peeved that the days that I was off the weather is terrible and the days I'm stuck indoors are supposed to be gorgeous!!! Why does that always happen?


  1. I'm so glad to hear your day turned out well! And I'm seriously drooling over those Miu Miu flats over here. Gorgeous! You look fab, as always!

  2. hello - and I NEED a sister who lives nearby to share clothes with ! Does your sister live with you? How awesome would that be! Jealous!

  3. Oh man Rosa, you not only have the pumps in Nudo, but you also have those Naplak flats in Rosso? I am about to turn chartreuse with envy :)

    Your outfit looks sooo comfortable, great for just hanging around, yet still somewhat stylish. I want a slouchy grey sweater of my own like that!

  4. Hooray for a good day! I find that the weather is annoying like that -- nice on days when you can't enjoy it and horrible on days when you WANT to be outside. Ugh! Your flats are adorable and I love the spectator detail! It gives it a little something extra!

    As for the sweater you're wearing today, I think it is totally Flashdance chic!

  5. Ha ha - I think Amy took the words right out of my mouth with "Flashdance chic!" In a very good way!

    I'm dying over those flats - and I am now totally surfing for a olive surplus jacket after seeing you in that one, and your Anthro version!

  6. Love how this outfit turned out! So simple but chic at the same time. Cute patterned pillows too :)

  7. You and Anjali have the best shoe collection. So envious!

    I'm all about the comfy cashmere sweaters!

  8. I love the jacket, and those shoes are adorable. I love all of the colors.

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

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  10. I love the pop of color on top of the green military vibe. Cute and playful. Reminds me of a picture I saw in the satorialist a few days ago. I especially loooove the bag! (my blog:

  11. Peggy,
    Yup, I liv with my sister! Our closets are communal, we share everything!

    the scarf is a recent purchase, i actually saw it again today at H&M!

  12. Love the shoes, and the casual look. I'm going to go check out my H+M for that scarf. It looks perfect for the season.

  13. Dang, isn't that how it goes with the weather? OH man, I can't believe you have the flats and the pumps! Drool.